Friday, June 17, 2011

12 programs on national Turkish TV - the peace and healing of Jesus!

"One of our workers, Ali, is producing a series of 12 television shows that will provide Bible-based solutions to prevalent cultural problems in Turkey such as: brokenness in families and marriages, distortions of honor and shame, and abuse.

Millions of Muslims want peace - both politically and personally. They want a peaceful world for themselves and for their families. They long to speak and to act freely without fear of punishment or of retribution.

Ali is offering Turkish Muslims a cultural counseling ministry that is similar to what Focus on the Family provides: Good solid Biblical advice about all kinds of emotional and family matters.

Politics has not provided this...It can't. Jihad has not and will not provide this.

Amazingly, this program will point the way to Jesus Christ and get played on national television! As Ali presents a Biblical view exposing and confronting these hidden issues, I believe many people will discover the peace and love of Jesus Christ and be freed from shame, abuse, and fear. Broadcasts like this have opened doors to those who seek the truth and long for inner peace. The broadcasting channel has had tremendous responses from those who desire to know the truth about Jesus and need real answers. And when they discover the truth of Christ, their lives are transformed!

(from a Christian prayer letter, May 2011)

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