Monday, May 23, 2011

Churches without walls go under Cuba's radar

No new churches have been built in Cuba since the 1956 communist takeover. It requires government permission to repair churches or for a congregation to relocate to a different building.

In rare cases, authorities will allow a congregation to construct a new building on their allotted site because another church had been at the site prior to the Cuban revolution. However, they may not allow the new building to be connected to electricity.

Church leaders have complained for years about difficulties dealing with the Religious Affairs Office.

See the
Cuban Church without Walls video.
The latest way around the serpentine rules of the communist dictatorship is for congregations to build churches with roofs but no walls! See the Cuban Church without Walls video.

The Religious Affairs Office is trying to catch up with new regulations...

(Voice of the Martyrs, May 2011)

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