Thursday, May 05, 2011

Between Two Tigers

When Vietnam opened up partially in the early 1990's, we met a grandmother (63 years old) who had just been released from prison. She had spent a year there for holding a Christian meeting in her village, where there was no church. Even with heavy shackles on here legs, Mrs. Fo Thi Manh witnessed to others around her. When the police finally returned her to her village, they gave her a microphone and insisted that she publicly deny her faith.

Standing before hundreds in her village, she refused to recant and instead took the opportunity to declare her faith. She told us, "Just like shaving a tiger's hair doesn't do away with its stripes, so I am still a Christian. I still have meetings in my house; now there are more than a dozen."

Her story is told in the VOM book Between Two Tigers: Testimonies of Vietnamese Christians.

This Easter we remember that our Savior, in his last days on earth, set his face toward Jerusalem and remained committed to the will of the Father - we are thankful for the family of believers who demonstrate that commitment today.

(from Voice of the Martyrs, April 2011)

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