Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome to Noah's family, Neandertal!

Biblical creationists have long taught that Neandertals were fully human descendants of Noah who lived alongside other men during the post-Flood Ice Age.

Recent evidence confirms this view. Fossilized Neandertal teeth from Belgium and Iraq have been found with grain starch on them.“Stone Age” grinding tools have also been discovered along with hundreds of starch grains in various stages of processing, from a variety of plants.3 It has also been determined that Neandertals made colorful jewelry out of seashells.4

What do these recent findings prove? First, Neandertal was fully human. Second, he is related to people living in Eurasia today. Third, "Neandertals" interbred with modern humans.”5 Therefore they cannot be distinguished as some kind of non-humans. They were not "Nendertals", they were fully human beings recently created in the image of God!

(excerpted from Brian Thomas, Identifying Neandertal Man, Acts & Facts March 2011, Institute for Creation Research)

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