Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turkish Muslims touched by radio stories of persecuted Christians

In Turkey, Voice of the Martyrs worked with a local radio station to produce stories about Christians from history. Turkey is an overwhelmingly Muslim country. 52 half-hour programs were broadcast in 2009-10 throughout the capital city of Ankara and surrounding areas. Each episode tells the story of a persecuted believer who overcomes through the strength God provides.

The radio station had more responses to these programs than any others they have produced. The tiny number of believers in the area were encouraged by the programs.

But most surprising was the reaction of Muslims who were listening! They called and wrote to tell the radio station how touched they were by the stories of bold believers.

Please pray that many Muslims in Turkey would open their hearts and minds and turn to Christ.

Also pray that these stories of suffering Christians from history would bring Muslims in Turkey to repent - and to stop persecuting Christians that are sprinkled in their midst.

(from Voice of the Martyrs, April 2011)

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