Thursday, March 31, 2011

There are only 1,000 Orochi people in Siberia

With approximately 200 million Punjabi Shaikhs (in India and Pakistan), 121 million Japanese, 54 million Brahmins (India), and 52 million Turks in desperate need of hearing the good news, why would anyone bother with the 1,000 Orochis? Not only are they small in number, but they make their home on the remote rivers of Tartar Strait in Russia's far east.

A Siberian Shaman.
Living in near-total isolation, the Orochi people long ago assumed the world to be full of dangerous spirits. In order to appease these gods, they created an elaborate system of rules and sacrifices. Fire and tigers were considered worthy of worship. In order for them to communicate with the many deities, they sought the assistance of mediators or shamans.

The Orochi people were right to seek a mediator. It is true that by their own merit or works they cannot gain the approval of God. What they did not know, and still have not heard, is that God Himself provided a mediator in Jesus Christ. Instead of consulting shamans, they can go directly to Him and find favor with the One True God.

(from Global Prayer Digest, March 2011)

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