Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pray for Believers in Turkey

A prayer partner from North America recently toured a town in northeastern Turkey. A spa attendant at one hotel called her aside and quietly said "I'm a believer in Jesus." The young woman told our friend she learned about Christ through Christian satellite broadcasts. In speaking of her faith she said, "The people here are all Muslims, and no one else knows." Pray that she and other potential followers of the Lord in this extensive area will soon have opportunities to join in Christian worship.

In mid-January a Turkish believer in a city near Istanbul was stabbed multiple times by a cousin and suffered damage to one of his kidneys. His uncle had threatened to kill the young man because of his conversion to Christianity, and the cousin was probably acting on his behalf. The believer's own father agreed with this action and says he hopes his son dies. Pray that the young man will completely recover physically and emotionally, and that his family members will experience dramatic encounters with the Lord.

(from a Christian prayer letter, March 2011)

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