Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wiggling Your Ears & The Dangers of a Leading Question...

"When will we evolve out of our useless appendages?"

Whenever you hear an evolutionist make this kind of statement, don't fall for it! They are using the power of language to push their agenda.

This is the title of an article in the February 2011 issue of Popular Science, by Natalie Wolchover. NOooo, we won't evolve, and WE HAVE NOooo useless appendages. No part of our bodies is useless in our Creator's eyes!

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It is exceedingly interesting that the article answers the question this way:

"Never. We're probably stuck with our appendix, pinky toes, tailbone and just about all of our other evolutionary holdovers. Wisdom teeth may eventually go, but major changes like losing an appendage (teeth included) take millions and millions of years - who knows if humans will even be around that long.

And then the article says some things that a Bible-believing creationist can mostly agree with!!!!

"What's more, most of our seemingly useless vestiges are actually helpful.

"The coccyx, or tailbone, is an attachment point of a number of muscles at the pelvis. We need it for upright locomotion. It would be catastrophic if it went away."

"The appendix ... serves as a kind of safe house for the microbes that aid in digestion. Each of us has 900 to 1,600 species of bacteria in our gut to make sure we have a healthy immune system. If one takes over, or they get all flushed out by a disease, then the appendix works like a holding tank for the good bacteria."

"Even the pinky toe helps keep our balance and diffuses impact throughout the foot when we run."

Now here's something only an evolutionist can say and sound very scientific:

"The muscles behind our ears have very little impact on reproductive success, there's no way to select against them. In other words, the ability to ear-wiggle doesn't interfere with having kids."
A creationist's answer is that ear-wiggling muscles show that God has a sense of humor :)

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