Sunday, February 13, 2011

The guerrilla asked, what are evangelicals?

In Columbia, Rolo and his guerrilla trainer made a surprising discovery one night that left a lasting impression on Rolo. "We learned to travel at night without a flashlight," Rolo said. "one night two of us traveled north without making any noise through the peaks and the pastures. We arrived at a little hill and rested. My partner turned to me and said, 'You can hear the evangelicals over there.' I replied, 'What are evangelicals?'

"We looked about one kilometer over the hill to see a lighted building where people were clapping and singing. We could hear the musical instruments. It was late. Evidently this was an all night prayer worship service. The door of the church was open. It was full. As the breeze carried this sound through the bushes, my partner explained, 'And what do these people do? They worship a god ... a god, I don't know what god it is. They ask for tithes. The old ladies wear these skirts.'

"He left me there and said, 'Wait for me here.' I stayed and listened to more of their songs. I thought, 'How good would it be to be an evangelical? Wouldn't it be better than this?'"

(testimony of a FARC guerrilla who turned to Christ, Voice of the Martyrs, February 2011)

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