Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give Me Gasoline and Bibles

"God led me to read Jeremiah 45, and in the last verse it said, 'I will give your life to you as a prize in all places, wherever you go.'"

The Jungle Road: "Having a sense of
mission can erase our fears."
"God gave me this grace. The guerrillas knew I was a pastor, but it bothered them to look at me. I was not like the other pastors they had seen, with polished shoes or a nice shirt. They saw me in my tattered shoes with my machete and an old shirt. The guerrillas looked at me like, 'This guy is insignificant. How is he going to start a church?'"

"But the Lord showed me through Jeremiah 45:5 that he had given me these places as an inheritance, and now I am going to places - jungles, guerrilla camps - places controlled by the guerrillas."

"Everything is in God's hands. Staying active is what brings about miracles. You can't go forward alone; you go forward with Bibles, you go forward with the message, you go forward by encouraging others, like pastors who have been expelled. I say, 'Brother, don't be discouraged. God gives the victory and he gives the blessing."

"My simple appeal for assistance is always, 'Give me gasoline and Bibles, I will do the rest.'"

(testimony of a FARC guerrilla who turned to Christ, Voice of the Martyrs, February 2011)

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