Monday, January 31, 2011

Purpose-Driven Science Ignores Darwin

"While some Darwinists feel that the Intelligent Design (ID) movement is a major threat to science, many scientists unconnected to ID are acting as if it provides for them a more fruitful approach to research. Several recent examples illustrated what might be called a silent “de facto” intelligent design movement.

"Purposeful proteinsPhysOrg reported work at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute in Japan with the eye-catching title, “Searching for purpose in proteins.” 
"Imitating insects:  Meanwhile, inventors at Penn State, Harvard and the Naval Research Laboratory have developed “an engineered thin film that mimics the natural abilities of water striding insects to walk on the surface of water, and for butterflies to shed water from their wings.”  Inherent in biomimicry is the belief that the thing being imitated is well designed.
"Biophysics on birds: Researchers in Australia were curious why ostriches are such good runners compared to humans, so they compared their leg physics with a computer analysis. PhysOrg summarized the resulting paper by saying it’s spring in their step. Only this third team even mentioned evolution.

"Join the silent ID revolution! You don’t have to use the maligned phrase, or declare your allegiance to the Discovery Institute. Just stay focused on the design in your subject, and gradually say less and less about Charlie D. After enough good design science, fewer people will even miss him."

(for more, see Purpose-Driven Science Ignores Darwin, Creation-Evolution Headlines, October 2010)

(also published in Creation Matters, a publication of Creation Research Society, Volume 15, Number 6, November/December 2010, to appear at

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