Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adam's descendents were too numerous for a local flood

"If Adam's listed descendents each produced only 10 offspring during his lifetime, Adam would have had more than 10 million descendents when he died at age 930." (Downing 2011)

Adam died 492 years before the flood, according to Bishop Usher's Biblical chronology, and even earlier in other interpretations of the biblical dating. Extremely long lifetimes are definitely reported in the pre-Flood account of Genesis, tailing off to present-day expected lifetimes only long after the time of Abraham.

This is another strong evidence that the Genesis account upholds a global flood! A local flood could not have wiped out 10 million people. Only a global flood could have done this. The book of Genesis teaches us that God saved only Noah and his family from destruction, by His grace. All others perished, because of their sin and rebellion.


Downing, Jim. 2011. 75 Years as a Disciple-Maker, an Interview with Jim Downing, Mission Frontiers 33(1):30.

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