Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Witchdoctor is Healed

In the Maasai tribal area of Kenya called Loita, a witchdoctor named Olais was in critical condition with double pneumonia. CrossWorld doctor and missionary Dana Witmer treated him immediately and put him on a course of medication.

Olais began to improve and decided to go to the Kijabe mission hospital. While there, he asked Jesus Christ to rule in his life! He left word for his witchdoctor colleagues that they need not visit him again. Olais has since cut off all the spiritist amulets that he used to wear around his angles, neck and wrist.

Praise God that over 50% of the Maasai in Kenya's Rift Valley are now following Jesus.

(from CrossWorld, 80 Years of Missions, 2011 Calendar)

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