Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Transition Home for Teenage Orphan Girls in Moldova

In 2009, New Hope International opened a transition home for teenage girls in Soldenesti, Moldova, formerly in the former Soviet Union. All were orphans and, at the age of 16 or 17 years old were "graduated" with no place to go.

The Russian Mafia is a human trafficker of orphan girls in many Eastern European countries such as Moldova, promising them jobs as maids or cleaning women. Then they confiscate their passports, and ship them to other countries such as Turkey or the Netherlands to be slaves in the sex industry.

Because of New Hope, teenage orphan girls in Moldova now have true friends that helps them make the transition to adulthood. They learn social and basic living skills, such as making decisions as an individual, and how to handle finances and freedom. All of this is done within a Christian environment and connected to a local church family.

Svetlana with her transition home
parents, Lucia and Vasile.
This year several of the girls are ready to move on, to seek employment or further education. One of them is Svetlana. She received a full scholarship and will study social work at Moldova's main seminary. Why? She wants to be prepared, both spiritually and practically, to invest her life in helping other orphans. Praise God!

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