Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spiritual ADHD

"Our son, Jonah, was diagnosed with ADHD when he was three years old. Jonah's therapist gave us great insight into this condition through a simple explanation. He told us that Jonah lacked the ability to screen input the way "normal" people do. For instance, the dog barking next door, the clock ticking in the kitchen, the birds singing in the garden, the washing machine humming in the garage - these all vied equally for his attention, making it difficult for Jonah to hear me calling him to dinner.

"I suspect some of us may be "spiritually ADHD." In our culture, so many sights and sounds compete for our attention, drowning out the Master's quiet call. But if we are attuned to the Spirit and the Word, we will not miss His still small voice..."

(from a Christian missionary newsletter, Fall 2010)

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  1. Amen brother yes no one is paying attention this is why Th Lord will have to ascend with a SHOUT and the Trumpet of the Archangel