Friday, November 05, 2010

The Prisoner

A young man in a southeast Asian country was thrown into prison for armed robbery. Although he was a Muslim, he wanted to learn more about Christ. A Christian inmate gave him a Bible, and he read it at night while his cellmates slept. He had nearly finished reading the entire Bible when a Muslim cellmate discovered it hidden near his bedside. He was called into the warden's office for questioning. The warden demanded to know where he got the Bible. He was then beaten for four hours following the interrogation, and was then locked in a prison isolation cell.

The prisoner became more and more committed to Christ because of his time in the isolation cell.

Before he accepted Christ, he made fun of Christians and called them infidels. Through beatings and isolation, he experienced what many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world experience for their faith in Jesus.

"There's an expensive price to be paid for being a Christian," he says. "I'm proud to have been persecuted for Christ."

(from Voice of the Martyrs)

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