Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jesus can, but you must believe He can

"S, a forty-year old man living in a Muslim country, was filthy and had a long unkempt beard, urine-stained pants and fingernails over an inch long. He couldn't talk and was obviously not in his right mind. He was mentally disturbed, and constantly paced the streets. Everyone in the town knew of the 'crazy man'.

"The relatives asked one of the few Christian pastors in the province if he could do anything to help. He replied, 'Jesus can, but you must believe He can.' They said, 'If we didn't believe He could help, would we have come five hours to see you?'

"This was a good enough answer for the pastor, and he went up to the bearded man, gave him a big hug, and prayed for him. S then amazed them by becoming coherent and speaking for the first time in five years! A week later, the church got a phone call from his family saying he was now cleaned up, eating well, no longer wandering the streets, and still in his right mind.

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