Monday, November 08, 2010

Fireflies blink in sync! Irreducible Complexity on YouTube

Some fireflies exhibit synchronous flashing, in which large groups produce rhythmic, repeated flashes in unison -- sometimes lighting up a whole forest at once.

How can this be? "Animals have evolved to solve unique problems in many different ways, and I'm interested in how they do that," says Andrew Moiseff, from the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology of the University of Connecticut. "Fireflies have these tiny heads and these tiny brains, but they can do some complex and amazing things." His future research will focus on questions that address whether physiological constraints or behavioral decisions are driving the evolution of synchrony.

This is another example of evolutionists being stuck. Fireflies blinking in sync is a most obvious example of Irreducible Complexity! Ask yourself, how did the very first group of synchronizing fireflies evolve from their backward ancestors? Can you imagine any "intermediate forms" as expected by evolutionary theory? It is not conceivable to have a group of early fireflies who were experimenting with sync-blink, but were not quite all together. If there were no intermediate forms, there would have to be a single superfly ancestor who had a most complex mutation, and produced a large number of immediate children with the sync-blink complex... and other fireflies standing by who also happened to have just the right mutation to be attracted. If you wish, stay tuned to Andrew Moiseff et al and their stream of publications, where they will attempt to explain this.

Intelligent Design by a Creator God is a far better explanation, based on the Irreducible Complexity that is so evident here on YouTube. These fireflies are flashing witnesses to an amazing God!


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