Friday, October 01, 2010

The Success of the Cross, by Moishe Rosen

"If accepting rejection is the key to success, we need to remember that while many were crucified, only one of those crucified rose from the dead. We should not follow the many who were merely punished and be crucified for the honor of it. We need to follow the crucified one who rose from the dead and thus nullified the crucifixion. It is how we accept that rejection by the world and the newness of life given by the savior.

"Calvary was redemptive and if we can respond to rejection the way that Jesus did, our Calvary's will also be redemptive. There is a holy dissatisfaction that we must allow ourselves to feel. We need to recognize that we could be more, and do more for God if we were only willing to accept the fact of failure as a beginning point.

"Some of us need to get desperate in order to do the right thing. Some of us will never care enough to become desperate to become effective missionaries. Some of us will never find the courage to carry our crosses and accept the crucified life. Sometime we need to see ourselves as failures so that we can repent and receive the holy energy that comes from being filled with the Spirit. No one can be filled with the Spirit when he or she is filled with themselves. We need to become empty of self and filled with the Spirit. For that we need a personal Calvary of dying to sin, self, the world and rising in resurrection power to gain the victories God has for us.

"We succeed by failing, we win by losing, and our apparent defeat becomes our victory."

from "The Fact of Failure", Seventh International LCJE Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 2003. Moishe Rosen is the founder of Jews for Jesus. In honor of his passing to be with the Lord, May 19, 2010.

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