Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ancient Mars was Under Water, but Earth was not?

Signs of an ancient flood have been found on the "dry" north of Mars. Why can't mainstream scientists see signs of the ancient Flood that covered Earth?

Lyot Crater in the lowlands of Mars
with exposures (stars) of hydrated minerals
detected from orbit.
In "News from the Red Planet", Dr. Larry Vardiman reports that a group of French and American Scientists have checked 91 craters in the northern lowlands of Mars. They found rocks that were formed in the presence of water! Previously scientists thought flood conditions on Mars were down south, at Valles Marineris, the Grand Canyon of Mars, which is 2000 miles long, 400, miles wide, and five miles deep. The canyon has features typically present when water floods valleys and plains.

As Vardiman explains, the new results mean that scientists now believe that the water on Mars was global, and not just confined to the southern part of the planet.  They believe that a catastrophe or series of catastrophes removed the water from the surface of Mars.

The Bible describes the catastrophe that unleashed a Global Flood on Earth in the days of Noah. It is amazing that mainstream scientists "believe" in catastrophic floods on Mars, but categorically refuse to even consider the idea for Earth, even when our planet's surface is mostly covered by water!!

Vardiman's view is that these geological features on Mars were probably formed at the time of the Genesis Flood on Earth. If so, this would broaden the impact of the Flood to beyond Earth and other parts of the Solar System. God's mighty hand of judgement is on display, even on Mars...

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