Thursday, September 23, 2010

His Kingdom Coming to Afghanistan?

“Have you ever had a dream about a man in white?” is a way that some Christian workers open a conversation with Afghans. Stories abound in Afghanistan about meeting the Lord in a dream or vision. A young man in Eastern Afghanistan, Najib, tells this story: “I had a copy of the Injil (New Testament) and had read parts of it. One morning I awoke early and went to the forest for a walk in the cool part of the day. On my walk I was met by Isa Masi (Jesus). I was so amazed! The next day I got up early to see if we could meet again. Yes, He was there! I was afraid to tell anyone because I thought He might not come back. Every day for three months I walked with Him in this forest.”

Why Are Afghans Turning to Christ? “The gospel of the Kingdom is first and foremost attractive,” says my good friend Joseph. This is true everywhere and especially in Afghanistan. One Pushtun tribal leader said last year, “These Taliban are not good Muslims; they do not obey the Q’uran; they do not care about the Afghan people; they are cruel people.” Increasingly Afghans are meeting others who follow Jesus. What Afghans are finding is that it is possible to live in real freedom!

(from the article "His Kingdom Coming to Afghanistan?" by Peter Bruce, Mission Frontiers, September 2010. Click here for the full article.)

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